coaching seminar Kisik Lee 1.10-5.10.2014 Brussel-Belgien


Kisik Lee is back.
Coach Lee was impressed of both the participants' and our performances at the first InterACTs that he proposed to give another level 1 and level 2 seminar with limited places.
InterACTs follow-up will roll from october 1-5th, 2014 at Brussels, Belgium (location to be confirmed by August 8th)  All information can be consulted in the attached brochure.
Eager to learn from the best? Enter now and redeem your early bird discount at
If you should have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Note that entries need to be final by September 22nd, 2014
Kind regards and see you in October Mathias

Mathias Van Bulck InterACTs communication manager tel: +32476973918 (everyday between 18 and 22h, GMT +02:00) e-mail: ecsbrussels2013(kwfat)gmail(kwfdot)com

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